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New England based

wedding and lifestyle photographer

Hell ya, I travel too!

Hey y'all, I'm Allie!

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I'm a born and raised Mainer with a touch of twang. I spent 6 wonderful years in Nashville, Tennessee living my best life but have recently found my way back to my roots in New England. I'm a wife, mom (both human and fur), reality TV junkie, country music lover, sarcastic (at times, inappropriate) talker and sour beer enthusiast.

I have a healthy addiction of capturing authentic love in all its forms. Those real, raw, silly, once in a lifetime moments that are too good not to freeze in time. I will crack jokes to break the awkward, fist pump to get you hyped and stay silent during those moments of honest passion.


Sure, posed pictures are a must. But my passion is catching those candid moments when one's truest self is at the forefront. That split second when you lock eyes with your loved one. Your new father-in-law challenging your best man to a danceoff. The inevitable *ugly cry* after you have that "you will always be my soulmate" talk with your maid of honor. These are the things that deserve to live on forever in photo form.

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